Sports Symposium

Course Chairman: Bob Anderson, MD

Green Bay, WI
June 3 – 5, 2022

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Artemis Proximal Femoral Nail System

Proximal Femoral Nail
Targeting Device
One Instrument Tray

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Expert Insight

Hear from our experts regarding their experience with the Artemis Proximal Femoral Nail and why it truly is a next-generation hip fracture system

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Innov8ortho has a bold vision

To do our part in helping improve outcomes while reducing the cost of healthcare by bringing together Group Sales Organization (GSO) and Suppliers (device manufactures partners) with similar missions.

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We want to introduce better products, services and technologies, delivered safely, and at a reduced cost.

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There are thousands of companies looking to grow in the US Healthcare market but they never will. Market share leaders know how to stop companies from growing through better salesmanship and contractual relations designed to keep you out.

Accelerate your product to the marketplace

New, innovative products are introduced every day, but sometimes take years to gain traction. Outsource key capabilities to Innov8ortho Group Sales Organization and hit the ground running.

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