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Market Access Expertise

Integrated and tailored service solutions

Innov8ortho Group Sales Organization is the most integrated network of orthopedic sales agents in the United States.

We are experts in orthopedics. No matter what stage you’re at with your product, we can help ensure you have a successful launch.

Meaningful Time and Dialogue with Customers is Shrinking

Innov8ortho relationships and access to IDNs, GPOs, and hospitals drives strong Orthopedic client demand for services.

Provider and Supplier Consolidation Increases Barriers to Success

Evolving Orthopedic market dynamics creates a need for in-depth market knowledge and relationships to navigate complex sales and contracting processes.

Provider Focus on Product & Service Value Raises the Bar of Excellence

Innov8ortho delivers solutions required to drive commercial success, with focused services to develop strong value for customers.

Why Outsource Key Capabilities to Innov8ortho Group Sales Organization?

Reduce Execution
Speed to Market
Lower Cost
Customer Access
Effective Sales
Easier to
Access to Best

National Accounts / Contracting Expertise

Market Readiness. Access. Sales Engagement.

The number one problem many companies face today is gaining access to major customers, both healthcare systems and providers. Getting in front of key decision makers and having an opportunity to tell your story are valuable and time-consuming components of the sales process. Innov8ortho has built a reputation of providing value to both the supplier and provider. When our partner companies have proven value, they will receive fresh opportunities that deliver results.

Innov8ortho takes the lead on product approvals, pricing agreements, and strategic contracting efforts for our supplier partners. This encompasses all points of care, including hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). Our relationships provide access to key decision makers which dramatically shortens the selling cycle, but it’s not that easy. Doing the homework up front to know and quantify your value proposition doesn’t waste a customer’s time and sets you apart from the competition. When you partner with Innov8ortho, our professional team will assist you with your value proposition, make it an attractive option and setting you apart from the competition.

Market Readiness
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Economic Value Modeling
  • Pricing Strategy & Programs
  • KOL Strategies
  • IDN & Hospital Strategy
  • GPO Engagement
  • Value Analysis Committee – Content & Execution
  • Clinical Team Coordination
Sales Engagement
  • IDN & GPO Contracting
  • Contract Execution
  • Revenue Management
  • Relationship Management

KOL / Surgeon Engagement Expertise

At Innov8ortho, we help connect our partners with surgeons in the orthopedic space.

Surgeon champions can provide valuable input on our partner’s current products and offer product support as a Key Opinion Leader (KOL).

Innov8ortho recognizes the need for access to highly trained physicians to develop, and evaluate, new technologies, as well as educate the surgeon community on how new products might improve patient outcomes. Access to these physicians appears easy, but all too often, it is not.

We promote ethical interactions between physicians and our partners by adhering to the Advamed Code of Ethics and, more specifically, anti-kickback statutes, anti-corruption, anti-bribery, and foreign corrupt practices. Our fully auditable physician engagement platform prohibits conflicts of interest based on existing physician contracts, provides full transparency of existing physician consulting obligations to industry, and allows partners to monitor all contracted physicians and activities with ease.

Warehousing & Distribution Expertise

Distribution/Warehouse Capabilities

Allocate Physical Space/Warehouse Set-up

Shipping/Receiving Inspection

Create Shipping Documents

Package and Ship Orders

Manage Finished Goods Reconciliation

The business of orthopedics presents enough challenges for companies commercializing in the United States. Whether you are a newly formed US entity or an OUS organization expanding into US, you can take advantage of the economies of scale offered by Innov8ortho.

By leveraging our team’s knowledge, talent and facilities, you can greatly reduce the investment required to kickstart operations to ensure that all key stakeholders from distributors to surgeons are properly supported.

Customer Service & Billing Expertise

Customer Support Service Capabilities

Interface with company software and SOP’s

Deal directly with customers

Process orders, requests, returns and complaints

Process Credit Card Orders

Direct requests and unresolved issues to the designated resource

Customer Confirmations

Establish and Maintain Customer Files

Product Traceability Controls

Sales Rep Sample Account Control

Triage Technical Support

Product Inventory Control

Initiate Product Complaints

Return Goods Policy and Procedures

Innov8ortho’s customer service capabilities were designed to allow you to leverage our highly trained customer service Innov8ortho’s customer service capabilities are designed to allow you to leverage our highly trained team.

Our experienced customer service professionals can manage case scheduling, order entry, pricing verification, product reordering, inventory tracking, purchase order collection, invoicing, and communication between representatives and hospitals.

Our accomplished team develops a working knowledge of your products and work seamlessly with your sales team and customers, as if they are part of your company.

Sage300 – Medical Device Grade

We operate on Sage300, a cloud-based ERP System, which has been customized specifically for U.S. medical device operations and can effectively manage consigned inventory from multiple deposit locations across the country.

In addition, case sheet processing has been automated via an app interface, streamlining inventory movements. Invoicing and inventory management are popular services provided by Innov8ortho, however we can customize our operations to suit your needs.

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