Artemis Proximal Femoral Nail System

Proximal Femoral Nail
Targeting Device
One Instrument Tray

Unique Design Features

LagshieldTM Function

Altior Trauma Innovations patented Lagshield Technology adds a protective layer of CFR PEEK to the lateral side of the Artemis nail preventing the lag screw reamer from notching the load bearing titanium core of the nail during the lag screw reaming procedure, reducing the risk of creating a stress riser and nail fracture.

Radiolucent Proximal End

The radiolucent proximal end of the nail provides better radiographic visibility of the femoral neck in an oblique medio-lateral image.

Lag Screw and Set Screw Function

The self cutting thread design of the Artemis lag screw allows for large surface contact of the cancellous bone. This potentially provides high resistance against cut out. The Artemis lag screw is designed for easy insertion.

The set screw is designed to fit into one of the two grooves of the shaft of the lag screw. This prevents both rotation and medial migration of the lag screw.

The nail allows sliding of the lag screw to the lateral side for dynamic bone compression at the fracture site to potentially enhance fracture healing.

Technical Features

The Artemis Proximal Femoral Nail System encompasses four implant components. All components are available in sterile packaging only.

The proximal femoral nail kit, short, consists of the Nail and a preassembled Set Screw. The nail has a diameter of 11mm at its distal end and 16.4mm at its proximal end. It comes in one length of 180mm and one centrumcollum-diaphyseal (CCD) angle of 125°. It has a ML bend of 4°. Its universal design is intended for left and right application.

The cannulated set screw, which prevents rotation of the lag screw, is already preassembled in the proximal end of the nail.

The nail is constructed of a titanium alloy core encompassed by injection molded carbon fiber reinforced (CFR) polyether ether ketone (PEEK). The set screw is made of titanium alloy.

Advanced Targeting Device

The targeting device consists of only one part, sparing the effort of assembling various components before use.

One Instrument Tray


# Ref Description
22 T5-0430-000 Extraction Rod, Zimmer/Hall
23 T5-0420-000 Reduction Spoon, Zimmer/Hall
24 T5-0440-000 Slotted Hammer
25 T5-0120-000 Awl, Curved
26 T5-0350-000 Locking Screw Drill, Long
27 T5-0340-000 Locking Screw Trocar
28 T5-0330-000 Locking Screw Drill Sleeve
29 T5-0320-000 Locking Screw Guide Sleeve
30 T5-0380-000 Depth Gauge
31 T5-0370-000 Direct Measuring Gauge
32 T5-0310-000 Flexible Screwdriver, 4.0mm, AO Small
33 T5-0390-000 Screwdriver Bit T25, AO Small
34 T5-0530-000 Lag Screw Tap


# Ref Description
10 T5-0230-000 Lag Screw Guide Sleeve
11 T5-0290-000 Lag Screw Driver
12 T5-0220-000 Ball Tip Screwdriver, 8.0mm, Zimmer/Hall
13 T5-0240-000 K-wire Sleeve
14 T5-0280-000 Lag Screw Measuring Gauge
15 T5-0450-000 Compression Device – Lever
16 T5-0450-000 Compression Device
17 T5-0200-000 Nail Holding Bolts
18 T5-0210-000 Targeting Device
19 T5-0250-000 Lag Screw Drill, Ø11mm, Zimmer/Hall
20 T5-0260-000 Lag Screw Drill Stop


# Ref Description
1 T5-0460-000 Channel Tube
2 T5-0180-000 Guide Wire Driver
3 T5-0100-000 Handle, AO small
4 T5-0410-000 Guide Wire Pusher
5 T5-0170-000 Opening Reamer, Zimmer/Hall
6 T5-0160-000 Opening Reamer Sleeve
7 T5-0110-000 T-Handle, Zimmer/Hall Coupling
8 T5-0400-000 Strike Plate
9 T5-0150-000 Repositioning Guide


Artemis Nail & Targetter
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Artemis Proximal Femoral Nail System 510k
Artemis Nail Operative Technique
Artemis Proximal Femoral Nail System IFU

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