SupraFusion Push-In Anchor​

The SF Push-in Anchor 2.3 is a fully bioresorbable suture anchor for use in a range of soft tissue fixation applications​ ​

SupraFusion (SF) Push-In Anchors

The SF Push-in Anchor is a resorbable suture anchor for suture or soft tissue fixation to bone in the foot, ankle, hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. The SF Push-in Anchor is designed to be inserted with Ultrasonic Energy using the SupraFuser® B Ultrasonic System.​

The SF Push-In Anchor is made of biocompatible and fully bioresorbable PLDLLA (Poly(L-lactide-co-D, L-lactide) polymer. The SupraFusion technology allows for the interdigitation of the anchor with the surrounding cancellous bone structure.​

The specially designed SF Push-in Anchor tip allows maximum flexibility for a choice of sutures according to indication. Various suture-types and -thicknesses can be easily loaded. The first, distal and larger apical groove fits the heavier sutures, whereas the second, proximal and smaller groove fits the lighter ones. The SF Push-in Anchor must be used with UHMWPE sutures, a combination of UHMWPE and polyester sutures (USP #2, #0, #2-0, #3-0, or #4-0) or non-resorbable polyethylene terephthalate sutures (USP #2, #0, #2-0, or #3-0).​


The principle behind SupraFusion technology is that controlled ultrasonic energy is applied to liquefy pre-defined polymeric components of the suture anchor.

The liquid polymer flows into the marrow space of the surrounding cancellous bone, where it is instantaneously solidifies, creating a positive fit connection that delivers unprecedented levels of bone purchase.

Thermal energy is only generated for about 1 second during the ultrasonic insertion process. SF Push-In Anchor can be subjected to loads immediately at the end of the 3 seconds period as indicated by acoustic signal of the SupraFusion ultrasonic generator.

Ultrasonic Fixation

The in vivo degradation of the SF Push-in Anchor 2.3 is based on the natural physiologic process of hydrolysis, which results in the complete metabolization of the polymer into H2O and CO2 bi-products.​ ​


Ultrasonic Generator

The ultrasonic energy for the implantation of the SF Push-in Anchor is produced by the SupraFuser B Ultrasonic Generator and applied via the attached Handpiece.


Sonotrode​ The Handpiece tip, also called Sonotrode, is mounted on the Handpiece. It transmits the ultra- sonic energy to the SF Push-in Anchor. ​

  • Non-sterile, must be cleaned and sterilized before use​
  • Re-usable​ ​

Twist drill

Single-patient use​ Non-sterile, must be cleaned and sterilized before use​ Use at low speed (less than 1000 RPM)​ Needs adequate cooling:

  • Single-patient use​
  • Non-sterile, must be cleaned and sterilized before use​
  • Use at low speed (less than 1000 RPM)​
  • Needs adequate cooling


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